Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Those Incredibly Stylish Twins

Yes, I'm referring to the Olsen Twins, with their quirky, tailored outfits, pretty faces and luscious long locks. My generation particularly have grown up with these girls and witnessed them evolve from innocent mini munchkin's in Two of a Kind, to the grown up business women and fashion designers of the day with an empire worth over a billion dollars. The former child stars could of followed the steps of so many of their peers down the Hollywood scandal lifestyle, full of DUI's and STD's, and ended up a joke in the industry. Not these girls. They have recently won the most prestigious award from the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) for their fashion line, The Row, and they are still only twenty-five years old.

As they grew up and out of the bubblegum children's television networks, the twins began to form their own identities. Some saw this as an act of rebellion, however, I think that they were just becoming young adults and developed their own individual tastes. Today, Mary-Kate is seen as the more daredevilry twin when it comes to taking chances with fashion, and with that some of her outfits are completely hit and miss. She also thinks nothing of wearing dresses which look fives times too big for her, with long mermaid hair and an abundance of costume jewellery.
Ashley on the other hand, is more tailored and quintessentially feminine with her outfit choices. Lots of casual structure, monotone colours all mixed with nude make-up and beautifully glossy blonde locks is her safe bet fashion choice.

Personally, I prefer Ashley's look as I don't think I could confidently pull off the more daring outfits of Mary-Kate. I like a classic look that isn't too over-the-top, however, maybe in a few years time I could be eating my words and dressing in oversized apparel.
The Olsen twins have such a dedicated following of fans that there are even blogs just dedicated to pictures of them and not much else. Such example can be found at this link. I feel a lot of this almost obsession is that fact that today, they rarely covet the spotlight and hardly ever give interviews. They value their privacy too much nowadays. They want to be seen as dedicated designers and don't want to be involved with the superficial celebrity culture they were once contracted to be apart of. That in itself is very inspirational, along with the fact that their designs are actually very good and not at all what some people would of expected. Yes, they still get the odd bit of bad press for either using too much fur and/or animal skins or for the fact that some of their accessories pieces are ridiculously overpriced, however, one thing you cannot deny is that these twin's have an eye for style and they have impeccable taste. Their achievements should only be applauded, not criticised.

(images via favim and pinterest.com)

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