Monday, 29 October 2012

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Even MORE Sister sites

My blog has another couple of new cyber-relatives to add to the mix. I have already introduced my sub-blog all about FASHION and STYLE called STELLAR THREADS

Now let me introduce a new member to the Stellar Family, STELLAR SKIN. This blog will focus on BEAUTY and SKINCARE and all the in-betweens. I will do product reviews on both high-end and budget cosmetics, hair care lines, lotions and potions - basically anything of womanly indulgence. I, like many of you, am still on that never ending journey of discovering that perfect foundation and that perfect blending brush, so hopefully all of you beauty addicts will find my articles helpful. I PROMISE to be 100% honest with any review I do.

Next up is a blog dedicated to what probably is my favourite pastime - FOOD! I have already copied my 'Stellar Recipes' from this site onto my new one and from now on will put all my recipes onto STELLAR RECIPE. As you can see, I'm keeping the "STELLAR" name consistent throughout my little maze of sites as I like to keep a bit of consistency - it makes blogging more wholesome for me. So, with this food blog, I will be regularly adding all different types of dishes and cuisine. I do not want the fact that I am a vegetarian to put you off, I can GUARANTEE you will find my cooking to be as tasty and satisfying as any "meat lovers" dish. GUARANTEE!

There you have it, phase one of my expansion of blogging complete. The next phase will be working on some design ideas for logos and the like whilst coming up with a COLLABORATIVE sub-blog with a special person in my life. That blog will focus on....wait for it....MUSIC, and we hope to have it up and running after winter!
Of course The Stellar Diaries is still my baby and I will continue to freely write away here so stay tuned for new posts.






RB xx

P.S. I plan on creating link boxes for all of my blogs so you can easily click from one to the other. I am working on that now but as I usually repel anything too technical, it may take a while. (So if you can give me any suggestions lemme know by commenting on this or tweeting me.)

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Stellar Diaries Sister Sites

I'm in the midst of evolving this blog by expanding it into sub-sites which will be more focused onto different interests. I have about three more sites to create and work on and shall link them all up together once completed.

First up is my sister site which will focus primarily on the FASHION INDUSTRY.

Click below for STELLAR THREADS

Friday, 5 October 2012

I've joined hitRECord

One thing I did do at the start of the summer is join the online open-collaborative production company, hitRECord. It's a fantastic website where anyone can open an account and make any type of art (called Records) they wish, then upload it and have others remix/remake said Records and vice versa. Whether you are a writer, musician, painter, illustrator, film maker, editor, photographer or you just like looking at other people's work and critiquing it, this site is a goldmine for all of us like-minded artistic persons. The best part is that the company will take a selection of uploaded work and make it into a book or album, for example, and sell it to the general public where the profits made go back to the artists' who created it. That's you and I. Sounds almost too good to be true and I haven't even mentioned the tour that is held at various venues around the States for all the members to attend; a fabulous display, a harmonious and synergetic union of creativity inspired individuals if you will. 

I love this website as, from a personal perspective, now that I am out of Uni I feel a sort of loss at not being in class with my friends making art together and collaborating on the weird and wonderful. Heck, I was lucky, LUCKY to even afford to go to an art school since we live in a time were tuition fees are astronomical. I am sure some people could only look on and just dream about being in that type of environment and, inevitably, felt disillusioned with art. Well, now we have a place where it doesn't matter where you live, what your income is or what grades you got and that place is

I have already put up a few Records, such as the image below, which is a watercolour sketch I did years ago, and have named it 'Pink Doll' (clever, right?). 

Summer Distractions

Apologies, apologies, I am such an awful writer for vanishing into thin air for the past couple of months. I promise this site will be back up and running and I will be back to my best "ay-sap" with regular posts on, well, just about whatever I feel.

The summer has passed and I had found myself in the midst of a complete (well, almost) life-changing turn of events. Ok, that's a tad dramatic. In reality I moved home twice, travelled to France and Ireland on holiday, had an abundance of make-ups and break-ups - some of which led to me tearfully rambling into a cheap bottle of Merlot about my "ever dwindling group of friends" (a few moved away to new jobs) - and seeking out various career opportunities. All in all, a pretty fucking awesome summer to be honest.

Funny how now that I am getting older (not necessarily wiser), I value and cherish the things one takes for granted during those young, hormonally imbalanced years. Family, friends, love and sunny weather means so much more to me now than ever before and I feel as though I cherish whatever time I can get with them. I'm not a student anymore, so I feel fortunate to have time off work at the same period as others and I grab those moments where I can get it.

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