Sunday, 5 August 2012

Stellar Recipe: Chocolate Cinnamon Palmiers

I like to call these my "little chocolate puffs of Heaven", and when you make them yourself and eat warm, you will understand why. These are part of my baking desserts recipe's and are to be considered treats for when you want a break from your usual healthy eating. A few of these little gems won't pile on the pounds and are completely satisfying, if you have a love for chocolate like me. These are also so incredibly easy to make, you will wonder what the catch is! Well, just try to resist munching the entire batch once made. If you have kids these are perfect for baking, it will give them a nice change from rice crispy buns. Perfect for sharing, or to have as nibbles for a party. You will need a butter knife, sharp knife, baking tray and oven.

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