Friday, 5 October 2012

Summer Distractions

Apologies, apologies, I am such an awful writer for vanishing into thin air for the past couple of months. I promise this site will be back up and running and I will be back to my best "ay-sap" with regular posts on, well, just about whatever I feel.

The summer has passed and I had found myself in the midst of a complete (well, almost) life-changing turn of events. Ok, that's a tad dramatic. In reality I moved home twice, travelled to France and Ireland on holiday, had an abundance of make-ups and break-ups - some of which led to me tearfully rambling into a cheap bottle of Merlot about my "ever dwindling group of friends" (a few moved away to new jobs) - and seeking out various career opportunities. All in all, a pretty fucking awesome summer to be honest.

Funny how now that I am getting older (not necessarily wiser), I value and cherish the things one takes for granted during those young, hormonally imbalanced years. Family, friends, love and sunny weather means so much more to me now than ever before and I feel as though I cherish whatever time I can get with them. I'm not a student anymore, so I feel fortunate to have time off work at the same period as others and I grab those moments where I can get it.

Back to The Stellar Diaries...

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