Saturday, 7 July 2012

Fifty Shades of Sex

Never in all my years have I seen such hype over a particular book. Everywhere you go, you will see signs of Fifty Shades, whether it be a supermarket with noticeably empty shelves or every single magazine with reference to this new wave of "mummy porn" culture. All of my friends have read the said novel, even my mum just finished it, and truth be told, it is an erotic masterpiece of sorts which definitely gets the ladies going.

For those of you who are living under a rock or are completely suppressed, Fifty Shades of Grey follows virgin college graduate Anastasia Steele and her deepening relationship with young billionaire, Christian Grey. Upon the signing a contract allowing Grey to have complete control over Steels' life, a whirlwind of sexual experimentation is unleashed, with BDSM and other such practices taking place.
Being submissive for women is a growing fantasy which some are too embarrassed to admit. Theories of why this is, is that women who lead stressful lifestyles, being a busy mother or a business woman, feel they need to release some of their power by having someone else have control over them. A role-reversal of sorts.

The reception to this book has been mixed, some criticising the lack of it being a paragon of literacy. Also, the main theme within the book is being called an insult to womanhood due to its "demeaning" nature. On the other hand, praise has been broadcast for a book which is "empowering" to women, with a strong female lead being honest about her sexual tendencies along with no shame being found through a lack of experience.
Personally, I feel the book is a great step for women who are usually too ashamed to discuss her sex life or sexual preferences. The author E. L. James has done women of all ages a great favour in penning a novel which has become so universal that women can openly discuss the themes of it. It has been reported that thousands of men have actually come forward and said the book has improved their sex lives, men have even bought the book for their respective halves. This can only be seen as a good thing and we are all going to wait in anticipation for the movies to be eventually created. Much discussion is currently being passed around with regards to who will play the lead roles of each character. Time will tell.

The sexual politics of this novel will create debate amongst the female population of years to come, and, with the other two books in the trilogy still to be focused on, the story of Fifty Shades if far from over.

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