Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Real-ish Housewives of Orange County

Today is a sad day for me, it was the season ending of Real Housewives of Orange County. I now have to wait about six months for the next collection of hard hitting, quality television. I joke. To be honest, most people I know who in public look down on these types of reality t.v trash are actually franticly looking online for links to the newest episodes as soon as they go live when they are home alone. There is nothing worse in life than those god awful wannabe faux intellectuals who say "I don't watch television", sure you don't.
The fact is these programmes give us a much needed escape from the pressures of our own tortuous, mundane lives and we do all get pleasure from watching a bunch of wealthy, age defying women bitch and fight and throw soiree's and apply copious amounts of MAC bronzer. In that exact order as well.

Well, on tonights finale of RHoOC, we saw what would appear to be the demise of one of the shows longest and strongest friendships - that of Vicky and Tamra. Ever since Vicky split from her husband and shacked up with that poor excuse of a redneck, Brooks, we all knew parts of her life would erupt and I don't mean in the bedroom! You see, Vicky is one of those women who was so in love with her career that she forgot how to love her then husband, Don. I thought Don was such a gentleman who adored his wife and family but he was obviously too vanilla for Vicky. She needed a strapping southern Texan man to look after her and give her some excitement. Problem is, we hear he's been arrested for not paying child maintenance for his four children, who he left back in Texas, so he could come to sunny California and live in Vicky's house and drive Vicky's car and spend Vicky's money and get fed and clothed by Vicky. You can hear the alarm bells now, can't you?
She also has now caused a rift with her own children over her new choice of lover and from what I can gather, she's defiantly putting her love life before that of her children's well deserved concerns.  It's all very "me and my man against the world" syndrome.
Then you have Tamra, good old Tamra, with her feisty, pugnacious ways. Of course she was going to try to protect her friend from this sponger of a man, it was just a shame that Vicky let big sexy Brooks whisper sweet nothings in her ear regarding Tamra giving her the evil eye. Then all Hell breaks loose. It was one of these cringe worthy moments when you witness someone (Vicky) screaming so loudly in someones face (Tamra), you can see actual saliva particles flying out. My fault for having such a large HDTV I guess. This all took place at the marbled mega mansion of fellow cast member Heather Dubrow, who, was having a soiree to celebrate her legally taking her husbands surname - such a hard life. Anyway, this particular conflict of Iraqi proportions ended with a Cruella de Vil dressed Vicky storming out, redneck in tow, only to come back in for a champs' toast and to, yet again, publicly state her love for her man "Im gonna stand by my man". Tamra's a tough cookie though, so I'm sure she will get over it.

Other lesser important scenes of the finale where that of the Paris Hilton meets Mrs Bucket (from Keeping Up Appearances) wannabe, Alexis, and her control freak of a husband Jim (think Patrick Bergin Sleeping With The Enemy) getting into a minor altercation with the soiree hosts husband over a bit of light name calling or something. Both husband and wife stormed out nonetheless. Very predictable. Also, we see Vicky's lovely daughter Brianna who is newly married show off her husband in a much more loving and healthy way - at the end scene we find out she's six months pregnant - Brianna is a clever girl who also had to deal with her mothers neurosis, so only time will tell if the rift can be fixed. Slade and Gretchen seem to be huddling along with their love affair and I actually think those two will make it for the long haul. They are two peas in a pod by being image obsessed, money obsessed, fame obsessed, trying-to-find-any-hidden-talent obsessed - Slade is now doing stand up comedy - so they both gel perfectly. I hope next season we see a completely Swarovski induced, ostentatious wedding of the pair. Fingers crossed! 

Overall, this season had been a stellar one and it bemuses me that this show had been airing for years now and I've been following it every step of the way. 

All I have to say is, bravo to Bravo.

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