Tuesday, 26 June 2012


As I'm writing this, I'm trying in vain to work out how to use the Blogger design tools properly. I'm failing. You see, I'm actually a bit of a technophobe and usually get bored of the social media networks that everyone (well most people I know) seem to base their central sociological existence on.

Yet here I am, joining the masses on an epic voyage of my narcissistic ramblings and (limited) photography/imagery presentation abilities. Don't ask me yet why I named this blog The Stellar Diaries, I'm as unsure as you are but in time should come up with some pretentious, suave induced dribble for you all to immerse in. I just liked the word 'Stellar'. Also, I am blogging as a way to practice my writing as one day I hope to have a spot on a shelf in the Easons fiction section.
This is a lifestyle blog and will focus not only on fashion but will incorporate all aspects of my life that I have an interest in; literature, music, film, food, art, life, love, sex, politics and 'hipster mentality' to name but a few.

If I had started this blog several years back, it would of been solely a fashion blog as I studied Fashion Design and then Fashion Marketing. No disrespect to the genre but now I feel as though I've matured somewhat and have become slightly disillusioned with the ideology that all trendy girls should primarily love fashion and fashion alone. When I was younger I would of done anything to get past those gates of Somerset House every season. Yes, watching shows is very nice but now I realise they are actual business events which are essential for designers to make a living from. Not necessarily for me to swan around, Vogue cigarette in hand, and pose at. Obviously not all fashion bloggers are blaggers, so many have made a successful name for themselves and have become an invaluable part of the industry. They have no hidden agendas, they work hard at what they love on a freelance basis and many up and coming designers rely on their exposure for advertising/PR purposes. Good on them.

Personally, I want to use this blog like a diary for all the million mile an hour thoughts that run through my mind at any given time. A collection of think pieces even. I want to give my two cents on books that I've recently read, movies I've seen, recipes I'm trying, current popular culture, tactics David Cameron is using to punish the youth of Britain, etc...

Now, back to trying to find out how to make my blog heading nicer (it's all about the aesthetics, no?).

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